Try-out lesson

I ask all potential students to come in for a try-out lesson of half an hour before signing up. This audition will allow me to determine the level, to see how the student responds to instructions, and to assess how the student interacts with me and the material, on top of giving both parties involved the opportunity to discuss a plan of approach and to set goals with which we all feel comfortable. A try-out lesson is free of charge.

If you already own a few piano books, please bring the ones with that most accurately reflect your level of playing. This will give me an indication of what you already know and can do, and we can save you extra expenses by working with the material from your own music library. If you have an absolute favorite piece, or a piece that you would really like to work on, bring it with you as well. This information will assist me in setting up realistic goals together and with keeping you motivated.

In order to assess what the best approach is for you, and in order for you to get an impression of how I work, I’d like you to prepare a short piece, or an excerpt of a piece (one or two pages is more than enough), for your try-out lesson. Feel free to prepare a piece that you’ve played before. It is not my intention to create any extra stress. I will purely use the try-out lesson as a musical way of getting to know each other. My focus will be on how you move behind the instrument and how you learn, respond, react, and process the information that I give you. There is a chance that I’ll ask you to do a little sight-reading.

In case you do not have any experience with playing the piano, we will treat the try-out lesson as a first lesson. I will provide the materials in this case. Naturally, the cost for future materials will be at your own expense.

A try-out lesson doesn’t guarantee placement. My studio has a waiting list. Students who are already on a professional track or have ambitions towards a career in music receive preference in scheduling. Treat your try-out lesson like an audition. I place new students at the beginning of the semester: every January, September, and June.

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