Try-out lesson

All potential students are required to come in for a try-out lesson of half an hour, which will function as an audition. This occasion will give me insight into the student’s knowledge and skill level, as well as the opportunity to see how the student responds to instructions, and assess how the student interacts with me and the material. Additionally, there will be time for both parties involved to discuss a plan of approach moving forward. A try-out lesson is free of charge.

In order to assess what the best approach is, as well as to get an impression of how I work, potential students are asked to prepare two contrasting pieces, or excerpts of two contrasting pieces, for the try-out lesson. Students are welcome to bring in a piece that they have performed before. The try-out lesson will be used as a musical way of getting to know each other, so presenting works in progress is absolutely fine and even preferred. My focus will be on how students move behind the instrument, and how they learn, respond, react, and process the information that is provided. There is a chance that I’ll ask questions related to music theory and/or ask the student to sight-read.

A try-out lesson doesn’t guarantee placement. My studio has a waiting list. Students who are on a professional track or have ambitions towards a career in music receive preference in scheduling. New students are placed at the beginning of the semester: every January, September, and June.

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