Location and Cost

Piano lessons will take place at my home in Saint Louis Park. I don’t teach in the home of the student.

The monthly bill is due at the first lesson of every month. This means that the student will always pay ahead.

Tuition is based on a flat rate of $60 per hour. This means that half hour lesson cost $30 and 45 minute lessons cost $45. Bi-weekly lessons are possible as well if my schedule permits it.

Students can still step out of their contract for the semester within the first three weeks of receiving lessons. After this grace period is over, students are expected to finish the semester.

Rates can be adjusted annually. Billing and tuition takes place at the beginning of the month for the month to follow. Payment is to be made for lessons not attended, unless the instructor was notified in a timely manner and lessons were rescheduled to take place within the same week that they were supposed to take place. Money will not returned for missed lessons. Lessons can not be made up if missed.

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