Student, teacher, and parental responsibilities


Students agree to arrive at each lesson punctually, well-prepared, with clean hands and short finger nails, and with their sheet music and any additional homework.

To make good progress, daily quality practice is necessary. Daily practice time should be equal to, or greater than, the amount of time spent with the teacher.

If something is happening at home or at school that is affecting you or your child please let me know. I will do everything I can to be sensitive to the needs of my students.

All students, regardless of age and level, have to play at the ‘End of the Year Recital’ in May. Students are encouraged to participate in additional recitals and competitions. Most of these will be offered through the MMTF (Minnesota Music Teachers Forum) and the MMTA (Minnesota Music Teachers Association) of which I am an active member. Families are expected to reimburse the studio any fees or expenses associated with these events.

Students must have an acoustic piano at home. Weighted, touch-sensitive keyboards are only acceptable during the first stage of piano study. Fingers do not develop strength or sensitivity on an inexpensive keyboard that lacks resistance, and ears won’t be trained because the instrument won’t give back what you put into it. Always contact me if you’re on the verge of purchasing an instrument. If I have time, I will make an effort to visit to location of the instrument you’re interested in so I can try it out and advise you.



All lessons are tailored to accommodate each student’s individual wants and needs. I will provide a positive and enthusiastic atmosphere for learning, and I will continue to work on my professional growth, both in the field of pedagogy and performance. It is my goal to guide each student towards musical independence by providing a well-balanced program.



Learning to play an instrument can be frustrating at times, but remember that many small steps throughout the year yield great results so please encourage progress. Parents are welcome to attend lessons at any time. Please check your child’s notebook / lesson book weekly for assignment details and pertinent information.

To help your child develop self-discipline and good practice habits, set aside a regular time for practice each day (this can be done all at once or divided into two or more daily practice sessions). This time should be reinforced and respected by the rest of the family. Especially younger children need help with their practicing. I expect parents to practice with the child and supervise practice time until they are about 10 years old.

The parent is to provide an 88 key acoustic piano in the best possible condition, a metronome, and a place allowing quiet and uninterrupted practice. Provide a practice environment that is free from distractions (family, friends, TV, computer or phone).

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