Piano lessons

Elizabeth’s studio has a waiting list.
Students who are already on a professional track receive preference in placement.

Teaching philosophy

I try to find a careful balance between what the student wants to learn and what the student needs to learn. This means that I work from a foundation which is constructed on the traditional values of the Western classical music canon, but that I am flexible in my approach, and with the material and repertoire once a general understanding of the classical music tradition and piano vocabulary has been established.

Additionally, my teaching approach is a holistic one that takes the whole student into account. I try to cultivate a personable relationship with all my students, which means that there’s time and space for exchanges within the lesson that might seemingly have nothing to do with music, but that are essential to creating a welcoming environment in which students feels comfortable to learn and perform to the best of their ability.

I strive to cultivate all-round musicianship among my students. Whether my students become performers, music educators, music therapists, or skilled amateurs, it is the love for making music that I want to pass on. No musical goal is attainable without the motivation, and therefore dedication, that comes forth from this passion, which naturally makes the passing on of the love for music the most important point on my teaching agenda.

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